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FamilyOFive/DaddyOFive 2022 Update: Child Abusers Still On YouTube Today

In 2017, YouTube channel DaddyOFive was at the center of a child abuse case. The channel followed the Martin family, consisting of parents, Mike and Heather, Heather's 3 children, Jake, Ryan, and Alex, and Mike's two children, Cody and Emma. The family uploaded videos posing as a family vlogger/prank channel, but quickly came under fire for recording and posting their emotional and physical abuse of Cody and Emma. Instances of abuse included Cody being thrown into a bookcase

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Rachel Ulatowski The Reality Snark


The Reality Snark is a safe place for anyone who has ever been banned from Reddit, blocked on social media by influencers, slammed for saying a basic truth on TikTok, or watched/read something that filled you with such emotion you just had to talk about it, but didn't know where to go to do so. At The Reality Snark I give recaps of the latest reality TV show episodes, celebrity gossip, and YouTube vlogs. I also give my honest opinion on current events and on people who are, well, just generally terrible people. Whether you are a reality star, an exploitative parent, family vlogger, narcissist, incel, or toxic girl best friend - you're not safe from my snarking. Whether you agree or disagree, come join the snark, I'd love to you hear from you - Rachel Ulatowski

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