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1000-lb Sisters Episode 8 Recap: Tammy Throws Her Biggest Tantrum Yet

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Warning! This article contains spoilers for 1000-lb Sisters season 3

1000-lb Sisters season 3, episode 8, "Smoky Mountain Meltdown" is one of the most intense episodes yet as Tammy ruins her family's vacation with a major temper tantrum. 1000-lb Sisters premiered on TLC on January 1, 2020. The show follows sisters, Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman, as they begin their weight loss journey. With a combined weight of nearly 1000-lbs, the two sisters set a goal to get gastric bypass surgery. They are soon joined in the journey by their brother, Chris Combs. While Amy reaches her weight loss goals and undergoes the gastric bypass surgery, Tammy repeatedly fails to reach her goals.

Season 3 Looks Great For Chris & Amy, But Not Tammy

Season 3 sees Chris following in Amy's footsteps and receiving the gastric bypass surgery. Amy, in the aftermath of her surgery, is continuing on her weight loss journey and focusing on bringing up her baby, Gage, with husband Michael. Recently, Amy announced she was expecting her second child. Amy's foray into motherhood has filled her with a desire to move away to a nicer home for Gage. However, Amy is repeatedly held back by Tammy, who lives next door and requires care from Amy. While Chris and Amy have faired well in their weight loss journey, Tammy has repeatedly failed in her attempts. Suffering from food addiction, leaving rehab, and refusing to cooperate with doctors, therapists, and her family, Tammy continues to gain weight and progress towards being bedridden.

Tammy's Smoky Mountain Temper Tantrum

In "Smoky Mountain Meltdown," the entire Slaton family heads out on a family vacation, finally made possible after years of not having enough money, time, or being healthy enough for such a trip. After 12 long hours, the exhausted family arrives at the cabin late at night and are ready for bed. Unfortunately, Tammy has others ideas. The arrival quickly turns from excitement and relief to complete shock when Tammy begins throwing a tantrum. Tammy decides then, after the 12-hour drive, that she didn't want to come in the first place. With the entire family waiting outside in the dark, Tammy locks herself in the car crying and demanding to be brought back. Finally, after much deliberation and stress, Michael and Amy are forced to drive Tammy to a hotel in the middle of the night.

Tammy's Smoky Mountain Temper Tantrum Part 2

The tantrum doesn't stop there, though. Tammy also forces the family to find a friend who can drive 12-hours to pick her up and take her home. While waiting for her ride, she refuses to partake in any family events or in the family photo and holes up in her hotel room alone. It is revealed that she wanted a hotel room only so she could text and talk to someone. While it is unclear whom she is communicating with, there are hints that it may be her ex-boyfriend, Phillip - who she claims had been harassing her. Despite a hotel confrontation with Chris and Amanda, Tammy agrees to come to family dinner. However, when Amanda starts sharing the family photos, Tammy loses it, exclaiming, "I know you're not about to rub it in my face that I didn't go." She then blows up at Amy and Amanda for indicating that her electric wheelchair makes things easier for them and the argument ends with her screaming at Amanda to "shut up."

Is Tammy's Family Done With Her For Real This Time?

Viewers are accustomed to Tammy's public temper tantrums and atrocious rudeness, but she took it to the next level this time. Normally her tantrums are embarrassing to watch and include yelling and forcing someone to push her wheelchair or do something for her. This time, though, her attitude threw a wrench in a very special family vacation. She further stressed out her family after an exhausting 12-hour drive, holed up in a hotel room, refused to partake in any family gatherings, and ruined the one family meal she did decide to join. The next episode preview seems to show that Amy and Michael are set on moving away from Tammy. This leaves the question - what happens to Tammy? The family has seemed done with her before when she went into rehab for her food addiction, but quickly backed down and took her back in when she decided she was done with rehab too early. However, this tantrum might be the last straw. Tammy is incapable of taking care of herself because of her weight, thus, she has always expected and demanded her family take care of her. Yet, while demanding such sacrifices and care, she continues to treat her family terribly, put in no effort herself, and do everything she can to alienate herself from every family member. Tammy's family must have a limit for how much they can take from Tammy, and that limit may be up.

What Does This Mean For Tammy?

In some ways, Tammy's family being done with her might actually be a good thing. It may be the only thing that will finally push, or force, Tammy to make a change in her lifestyle. The truth is, Tammy's family gives in to her far too often which is why she has been able to get away with breaking her diet and refusing exercise. The biggest question about episode 8 is - why didn't Tammy's family just leave her in the car? If they all went to bed and ignored Tammy, she eventually would have gotten up and got herself inside. Tammy insisted on a hotel because she knew eventually they would give in. She also continually throws tantrums and screams at her siblings because knows they still won't abandon her. As much as it might hurt, her family needs to practice some tough love with Tammy. Not only are they beginning to hurt themselves by letting Tammy hold them back and tear them apart, they are hurting her by not giving her in an environment where she will be forced to restrict her food intake and to exercise daily. Tammy can't take care of herself, so it is odd that she continues to have access to food and to be able to go places when she refuses to walk. Hopefully, the next episode of 1000-lb Sisters will see the siblings reach a better decision for Tammy, as their current arrangement simply can't go on much longer.

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