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Asha Zapf: Teen YouTuber Rips Off Young Followers; Asks For Money To Fund Her Vacation

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Asha Zapf is a teen vlogger from Michigan who gained fame for dating Chase Grzegorczyk, a family member of Our Family Nest. Our Family Nest is a YouTube vlogging channel that follows the Grzegorczyks. The family consists of parents, Candi and Ken, as well as their four children - Andrew, Blake, Chase, and Karli. In 2017, the youngest son, Chase, began dating Asha Zapf. The two high school sweethearts have remained together throughout the years, recently celebrating their 5 year anniversary.

As soon as they graduated high school, Asha and Chase moved out of the OFN home and rented their own home. Asha had started a solo channel shortly after she began dating Chase, titled Asha Zapf. They also started a couples channel, Chase and Asha, in November of 2020. The two have stated that their "job" is being YouTubers. While the two have amassed a decent following of OFN fans, they have failed to expand or grow their channels. They post extremely low quality, repetitive videos at random with no set schedule. Meanwhile, the two teens, both aged 19-years-old, have refused to get additional jobs, despite their YouTube channels losing views at a rapid pace and boasting no new subscribers. Asha had a part-time job at a daycare, but quit after several weeks. Chase has never held a real job. The two have frequently filmed themselves going on vacations to Hawaii, New York, Chicago, and Florida within the course of a few months. With YouTube money running dry, Asha has become particularly money hungry recently.

Twice As Nice Retail Scam

Asha's first bid to get money, was to launch her Twice As Nice retail store. This is not a clothing line, brand, or merch - it is a scam. Basically, Asha goes thrift store shopping and picks out some second-hand pieces that are cute and in good shape. She purchases them at a discounted rate, then resells them on Twice As Nice at a higher rate. She does not add anything to the clothes, she does not spend time putting together fashionable outfits, and she does not refurbish them. What she does, is goes to stores like Goodwill and buys used clothes, then sells them to her impressionable young fans at ridiculously high rates.

Asha is 19, and gained fame for being on a family vlogging channel. It is quite obvious that many of her fans are very young and impressionable girls who want to be like her. Hence, these young girls will spend ridiculous amounts of money to buy second-hand clothes, just because it came from Asha. It's not just young girls, but really any fan who admires her that may be tempted to buy clothes they normally wouldn't give a second glance, just because Asha is selling them.

What Asha doesn't mention, is that many individuals in need utilize thrift stores and it is sometimes their only option to find affordable clothing. Now, Asha is not only taking away clothes that should be available to those in need, but is reselling them at a price above what a thrift store would charge and profiting off it. When individuals choose to donate their clothes to thrift stores, Goodwills, and the Salvation Army - they typically don't get paid for it. Instead of selling their clothes, they choose to donate and give those in need a better chance of finding clothing. Now, a privileged teenager who doesn't work, is collecting their charitable donations and reselling them at $35 a piece so she can make money.

Asha asks followers for money and gifts

As if her Twice As Nice scam isn't enough, Asha has taken to outright asking fans to send her money and free stuff. On May 13, 2022, she posted an Instagram story asking her followers to Venmo her money so she can go can go on vacation to Italy.

In the InstaStory, she asked if anyone would consider sending her a "large sum of money" so she could go to Italy. While she claimed that she was just kidding, she still did drop her Venmo. It's not the first time that she has "subtly" dropped her Venmo, PayPal, or P.O. Box, mentioning to viewers that they should send her money or free things.

On March 9th, 2022, Asha shared that she got a new P.O. Box, simultaneously sharing an Amazon wishlist for all the books that she wants. She told viewers to "feel free" to send her books on her wishlist. If they did send her a book, she asked them to include their Instagram username so she could DM them her thanks.

Asha is clearly, again, trying to trick her followers into giving her money and buying her things. She knows that her viewers will think that a "DM" from her is special, giving them an incentive to buy a $20 book for her, even though she is probably way more financially well-off then they are. Not only that, but Asha recently started a Reading With Asha channel, in which she posts review and updates on what she is reading. This videos are monetized. So, basically, she is asking her viewers to buy her books and she will then make monetized content about said books that she didn't even buy herself.

JJ's House Incident

Asha hasn't only attempted to take advantage of her followers, but also of her sponsors. Despite putting zero effort into her channel, she has enough fans from Our Family Nest that she still attracts sponsors. Roughly three months ago, JJ's House kindly chose to sponsor Asha. They are a company that specializes in wedding dresses and prom dresses. They graciously sent Asha four beautiful prom dresses. Oddly, Asha accepted the sponsorship even though she is graduated and, hence, has no need for prom dresses. She posted a single video in which her Grandma rated her prom dresses.

Asha then swiftly turned around and put the brand new prom dresses that she received for free, on her Twice As Nice store, selling them for $100 a piece. So she collected sponsorship money from receiving and trying on four free dresses, then attempted to gain an additional $400 by reselling the dresses to her followers. There was no indication she asked for, or received, permission from JJ's House to resell the clothes they sent her for free. Meanwhile, if she really had no need for them, she could have chosen to make some young girl's day by donating her dresses, instead of greedily charging her young followers $100 for dresses she paid $0 for.

Privileged Teen Takes Advantage of YouTube Fanbase

Asha's behavior is nothing short of greedy and money-hungry. What is shocking, is that she is barely 19-years-old - way too young to be exhibiting such characteristics. If she put her mind to it, she could be very successful on YouTube. Her and Chase had a pre-built audience of OFN fans when they joined YouTube. They could have continued to build on this fanbase, capitalized on their advantage, and created a good career for themselves. Instead, they chose to be lazy, mooching off of OFN's fanbase and providing nothing new or original.

Meanwhile, despite not working or updating their YouTube channels, they've been on numerous vacations in the course of 1 year, including a week-long excursion to Hawaii. They also rented a house way too large for them, bought a $3,000 dining room table, new computers for both of them, and they go on multiple expensive grocery hauls a week. Needless to say, Asha needs a way to fund their luxurious lifestyle. Since they refuse to work, Asha has turned to scamming those less fortunate than her into sending her money, sending her free things, sponsoring her, and buying second-hand clothes from her, to fund her vacations and privileged lifestyle.

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17 jul. 2023

and in March 2023 she appeared in several TikToks with adult film starlet Violet Moore, which is...interesting. A new capitalist adventure?

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