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Chase & Asha: YouTube Kids Who Mooch Off Family Vlogger Fame (Our Family Nest)

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Chase and Asha is a small YouTube channel with a modest 79k followers. The channel is run by 19-year old Chase Grzegorczyk and 18-year old Asha Zapf, a couple from Michigan who started dating when they were 14. Chase is the son of Candi and Ken Grzegorczyk, the duo that run the YouTube channel Our Family Nest (OFN). While OFN has decreased in popularity recently, the channel reached 1 million subscribers at its peak and garnered the family quite of a bit of money and fame. In addition to Chase and Asha, Asha has a second channel, Asha Zapf, which boasts 185k subscribers. While Chase and Asha seem like pretty unassuming YouTubers, really, they are two untalented and lazy creators who unrightfully earned followers from OFN.

Who Are Chase and Asha?

Chase and Asha started their channel in November of 2020. The two were in their senior year of high school and making plans to move in with each other upon graduation. Instead of going to college or planning a career, Chase and Asha decided they were going to start a couples channel on YouTube and that YouTube would be their job. Asha had already started her personal channel in 2018 and gained followers for being Chase's girlfriend. Our Family Nest highly promoted her channel and garnered her subscribers before she had even posted any content. The same happened with their couple channel. They chose to remake Chase's old and unused personal channel, which already had 40k subscribers, and turn it into Chase and Asha. They quickly gained another almost 40k subscriber, most of them appearing as soon as the channel went live. OFN did quite a good job of advertising Chase and Asha, as Candi created the cute nickname Chasha and the two were a focal point of OFN for four years as Candi effectively captured their young love.

Chase and Asha Flops

Chase and Asha did move out together and they both currently claim YouTube is their job. However, YouTube is really not their job. It became evident early on that Chase, who was suppose to manage the couple's channel, did very little for it. Asha revealed she was the one answering e-mails, reaching out to sponsors, and was often the one initiating filming, while Chase could be seen playing video games or sleeping in the background. Meanwhile, the channel started out posting only a meager 2 videos per week. The videos were often poor quality and repetitive - numerous Q&A's, poorly staged pranks, or staggering 40-min videos of largely unedited footage. Once the two moved in together, the channel perked up a bit with moving and house tour videos. Then, it basically stopped. Chase and Asha attempted to do vlogmas, but every other day instead of daily, and had to be pushed by OFN to do it at all. Shortly after that they stopped posting twice a week or even once a week. The channel now only posts about 2-3 videos a month and frequently goes weeks without posting. When they do post, the videos are, again, low quality and poorly edited videos, usually answering the same questions over and over again or showing them doing groceries. Additionally, each video is usually over 50% paid sponsorships, with very little actual original content being put out.

Asha Zapf flops, too

Asha's channel has been slowly deteriorating alongside Chase and Asha, as well. Her posting has dropped off significantly, to about the 2-3 videos per month that Chase and Asha posts. Similarly, her content is almost exclusively sponsorships and she rarely posts original content. Asha has extensively redone girl talks, prom dress rating, and bikini ratings dozens of time on her channel. Meanwhile, the quality of her videos are also very poor. They generally cover the exact same morning routine or discussion topics and are usually peppered with excuses. For example, a "Week in my life" vlog will usually only feature an extremely small portion of 1 or 2 days, then an explanation for why she didn't film the rest.

Chase and Asha Refuse to Work

The real problem with Chase and Asha is that they both refuse to work. Chase has never held a real job before, not even part-time. Meanwhile, Asha had one part-time job working at a day care, but quit after mere weeks. The two insist that YouTube is their job, but it doesn't look that way. Two teenagers who don't work and have 0 responsibilities should be posting almost daily vlogs and building a strong channel and brand for themselves. Their infrequent posting and low quality videos testify that they can't possibly be spending more than a handful of hours per month on YouTube. So what are they doing?

Living the Good Life

Despite not working and putting the absolute bare minimum into their YouTube channel, Chase and Asha live quite luxuriously. The two rent an entire house for themselves (complete with a $3,000 dining room table) and have been on extravagant trips to New York, Hawaii, and Florida, all within less than a year. They frequently boast expensive grocery and clothing hauls, and recently bought a French bulldog, a virtual gaming system, and new iMac computers. The fact is, even though the two put 0 effort into YouTube, they have a higher subscription number than most creators because of their association with OFN. It's their association alone that has garnered them views and made them appealing to sponsors.

Our Family Nest Moochers & Nothing More

So, it's pretty clear what's happening here. Asha noticed the money and fame of Our Family Nest and quickly started her own channel, knowing she had bragging rights as Chase's high school sweetheart. Once she had enough subscribers and views to get sponsorships and to make money off of ads, she quickly lost interest in the whole YouTube deal. However, with graduation approaching she knew Chase, at least, would be expected to work or plan for his future. Thus, Chase and Asha's couples channel sprung up to give the illusion that content creating is both of their jobs. Again, they start the channel, get the necessary views and sponsorships, and then all but abandon it. The result is two channels that are wholly devoid of passion, personality, skill, originality, and everything that a content creator on YouTube is suppose to have. Instead, it is two privileged kids who saw they could get attention on YouTube by association with Our Family Nest. Now, they wait until sponsorships hand them money before forcing themselves to film a crappy video to fulfill the sponsorship's requirement. You can tell when a creator is in it only for the money, and it is painfully obvious with Chase and Asha. They are taking away views, subscribers, and sponsorship from real creators who work their asses off to literally build a channel out of nothing and spend years with 0 subscribers before finally seeing their efforts pay off. YouTube family vloggers present a dangerous situation where someone can simply create a YouTube channel and have an instant, meaty 10k - 40k subscriber count. That's where we get creators like Chase and Asha, who have no passion or talent for YouTube, but who don't want to work and want to have enough money to live luxuriously, so they push out terrible content once or twice a month so they can cash in their unearned checks.

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