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Eh Bee Family Slams YouTube Streamer Who Targeted Their Minor Children

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

The Eh Bee Family has spoken out and slammed a YouTube streamer by the name of Kilik for targeting their minor children in a sexually explicit tirade. The Bee Family is a family of four who call themselves Mama Bee, Papa Bee, Mr. Bee, and Miss Bee. The family is known for their presence on social media platforms such as Vine, YouTube, and TikTok, where they create family-centered skits and content. The Eh Bee Family boasts 9 million subscribers and 2 billion views total across all their platforms. Recently, their daughter, Gabriela Bee (a.k.a. Miss Bee), has branched out and launched her own music career.

Why Kilik Targeted The Eh Bee Family

On January 27, 2022, The Bee Family uploaded a video titled "Dear Kilik... She's Only 15." In the video, Mama Bee and Papa Bee slammed Kilik for launching an inappropriate attack online attack against both of their minor children. The trouble started the night before the video was posted, when Mr. Bee, age 16, was playing Roblox and joined a battle with Kilik. It was a heated battle and Kilik ultimately won. However, Kilik couldn't let the game go after winning and decided to seek revenge on their son.

What Kilik Said About Gabriela Bee

In a live stream, screen recorded by the Eh Bee Family and shared in their video, Kilik attacks Mr. Bee and Miss Bee. For some reason, Kilik decides to get to Mr. Bee by attacking his sister, Gabriela Bee, who is 15-years old. Kilik recorded himself scrolling through Gabriela's Instagram page, while addressing Mr. Bee and saying and writing that Gabriela is "fine," "is different," and got him, "licking his lips." The Bee Family, at the time of video posting, believed Kilik to be 19-years old. The content only gets more sexually explicit as Kilik talks and writes about Gabriela being "pounded" every night, indicates that Mr. Bee is in love with his sister, and refences Gabriela being "gangbanged."

photo credit @gabrielabee

The Eh Bee Family Response

Mama Bee and Papa Bee transform into Mama Bear and Papa Bear in their "Dear Kilik" video. However, they refrain from petty attacks and insults, simply explaining what the content was and why it was deeply disturbing and unacceptable. First of all, they were shocked and horrified that a 19-year old was discussing their minor 15-year old daughter in such a sexually explicit manner. They indicated that the language used by Kilik was pedophilic and predatory. Also, regardless of age, his language and actions was completely unacceptable to direct towards any girl or women. Mama Bee pointed out that in this instance, he talked about a 15-year old in such a manner, but what if the next time he chooses to take action instead of just talking? The Bee Family also dragged him for his numerous grammar and spelling errors, and for putting a paragraph about Jesus telling us to love one another as his description to a video of him fighting Mr. Bee on Roblox. Finally, the family urged action and to get Kilik off of every social media platform, because he doesn't deserve any platform. They urged him to get off the internet and to seek mentoring and counseling. They also warned him that regardless of what platform he uses, they will follow him there and will not stop until he is off the internet and unable to share to his demeaning and disgusting comments on women to impressionable audiences.

Kilik's Response

Kilik has taken to YouTube, as well, to respond to The Bee Family's "Dear Kilik" video. On January 28th, 2022, he posted a video titled, "Dear The Bee Family... The Truth." In the video he apologizes to the family for the way he spoke about their daughter. However, he also disputed their statement that he was 19-years old, and revealed that he is actually 17-years old and did not know Gabriela's age. He also downplayed his actions, indicating he was just "mad" and simply "trolling" and trying to get under Mr. Bee's skin because, allegedly, Mr. Bee harassed him during their game. He also claimed that the Bee Family tried to portray him as a pedophile and rapist, and that there were "racial moments" in the video. Kilik also discussed growing up in poverty and with family issues, in defense of his actions.

The Outcome

So far, Kilik has not been banned from YouTube. However, he did release a live stream in which he revealed he was banned from Deepwoken because of The Bee Family. In another livestream, he claimed that The Bee Family fans were telling him to "off himself." As for The Bee Family, they did add a pinned comment to their video, acknowledging that Kilik is 17-years old and that they had been misinformed. However, they did reiterate that age and race is not an excuse for sexualizing anyone in a dehumanizing manner. They also indicated that Gabriela is suffering from the mental anguish and verbal abuse inflicted on her (read their full statement below). It remains to be seen if The Bee Family will respond to any of Kilik's other accusations or if Kilik will experience further removal from social media.


The Bee Family is bound to receive criticism for speaking out against a 17-year old. However, their firm stance on the issue will send a very important and strong message that age isn't an excuse. Cyberbullying and harassment has become all too common and is frequently carried out by minors themselves. They believe themselves invincible because they are behind a computer screen. Then, if one does happen to be called out they, much like Kilik, use their age as a defense and claim that they didn't know what they were doing was wrong or that they didn't mean anything by it. However, it is quite clear that Kilik was going beyond "trolling" and sexualized a young girl in a brutal verbal attack that was unwarranted. While one may not know what exactly transpired between Mr. Bee and Kilik, Gabriela was no part of the issue and, even if she was, should never have been publicly sexualized. 17-years is still old enough to know how to treat another human being. Adversely, Kilik is still a minor and does not deserve death threats or harassment. However, the Eh Bee Family's response, while strongly worded and angry, was a perfectly acceptable response as they protected their minor child. It is also appears that Kilik does not know how to appropriately utilize social media and should be prevented from posting further harmful content. The bottom line is, being a teenager doesn't exclude one from consequences for cyberbullying, sexualizing a minor, and demeaning and harassing another human.

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