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I Am Shauna Rae: Who Is Shauna's 18-Year Old Sister Rylee Schrankel?

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

I Am Shauna Rae season 1 is well under way on TLC and has captivated audiences with the story of a 22-year old trapped in an 8-year old's body. Shauna suffered a brain tumor as a child and the chemotherapy she underwent made her pituitary gland nearly dormant. As a result, she stands at just 3'11'' and weights 50 lbs at 22-years old. The series follows her journey as she struggles to find independence, love, and move out from her parent's home despite her height. While Shauna's journey is at the forefront of the series, viewers have also had the chance to become acquainted with Shauna's family. Shauna resides with her mother, Pam Schrankel, stepfather, Mark Schrankel, and half-sister, Rylee Schrankel. Shauna also has two other sisters, Morgan and Tara who don't live at home. Since Rylee lives with Shauna and has plans to move out with her, she has figured quite prominently in I Am Shauna Rae and her humor and personality certainly make viewers want to know more about who she is.

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Who Is Rylee Schrankel?

Rylee is the 18-year old half-sister of Shauna. She is the youngest of the the four sisters and just recently turned 18. Due to her fear of driving and the COVID-19 pandemic, she still does not have her driver's license, same as Shauna. Her and Shauna are interested in both getting their driver's licenses and possibly moving out together. Rylee is definitely Shauna's closest sister and also her protector. She gets very heated, for example, whenever someone questions Shauna's age.

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Is Rylee Part Of The LGBTQ Community?

Rylee is part of the LGBTQ community and identifies as bisexual. In the 5th episode of I Am Shauna Rae, Rylee opened up about her coming out story. She first began to learn about the community when she was a young child in school and her family would ask her if she had a crush on any of the boys. She questioned why she couldn't have a crush on a girl, too, because she didn't really see gender. By 7th grade, she come out to her family, with Shauna by her side. While her parents are from a different generation than her, and didn't quite understand her coming out, they have been supportive of her nonetheless. Rylee now boasts a big pride flag in her bedroom and says her parents are a bit too supportive now and want her to go all the way lesbian, but that's not quite how it works.

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Rylee Recently Graduated High School

Rylee did reveal that she turned 18 during the filming of I Am Shauna Rae. However, it wasn't quite clear whether she was, or is, still in high school. That question was answered when Shauna posted an Instagram video on February 11th capturing the moment Rylee graduates high school. Rylee is decked out in a white graduation cap and gown and her name is heard over the loudspeaker beckoning her to come get her degree. It is unclear when the video was filmed - if it was taken from last year or if she graduated early this year. However, it is clear she has officially graduated high school and is 18, meaning her driver's license is the only obstacle left to her independence.

Rylee Is A Budding Artist

Viewers of I Am Shauna Rae know that Rylee has some skills when it comes to puppetry. She helps her dad put on puppet shows and even seems like she's ready to put on a show herself. However, she is quite adamant that she is not a "puppet girl" and that might be because her talents lie elsewhere. Shauna took to Instagram to share some stunning pencil sketches that Rylee drew of Cerberus, The Flash, and Panic! At The Disco. In fact, Rylee has created her own little business and offers specialized drawings at varying prices.

What Are Rylee's Post-High School Plans?

Besides working towards her driver's license and thinking about moving out, Rylee hasn't expressed any certain plans for her future. She has expressed interest in the veterinary field, similar to Shauna, and even went to take care of and ride some horses. However, since she has a fear of large animals, it is unclear if she's still interested in that route. Her and Shauna's sister, Tara, did attend college and Shauna has shown some interest in taking classes, as well. It remains to be seen if Rylee will also go the college route, get into the veterinary field, or continue building up her drawing skills.

photo credit @rylee_m_s


Rylee has one of the brightest and most entertaining personalities on I Am Shauna Rae. Her sense of humor, protection of Shauna, love for dogs, and confidence to be herself all catch the attention of viewers. While Tara and Shauna share a strained relationship, Rylee seems to get along very well with both Tara and Shauna, as well as older sister Morgan. She also has quite a bit of talent with her puppeteering and drawing. Due to how close she is with Shauna, it would be great to see the two of them move out together. A season 2 for I Am Shauna Rae hasn't been confirmed, but if it is, Shauna and Rylee moving out of their parents house and in together would certainly be a treat to watch. For now, viewers can catch more of Rylee on TLC's I Am Shauna Rae and hopefully get to learn more of Rylee's story and her future plans.

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