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Roman Atwood Vlogs: Why Viewers Think Brittany Atwood Is Fatphobic

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Roman Atwood Vlogs is a YouTube channel that follows the antics of Roman Atwood and his wife Brittney. The two share three children together - Kane, Cora, and Knox - as well as a son from Roman's previous marriage, Noah. The channel rose to fame from Roman Atwood's prank videos, gaining the channel 15.5 million subscribers to date. The family took a long hiatus from all social media beginning 2019 after dealing with a serious stalker. However, they have since returned sporadically to share their lives with viewers, including the birth of their son, Knox. While the family seems safe and happy after their scare with stalkers, fans are becoming concerned about Brittney for an entirely different reason.

Brittney Atwood's Weight Loss Journey

After the birth of her third child, Knox, Brittney set out on a weight loss journey. It is not uncommon for women to set goals after pregnancy to lose the baby weight. Brittney's journey was refreshing to watch in the beginning and viewers loved to see the gains she was making. In a video posted on September 14th, 2021, for example, Brittney shared herself attempting a headstand for the first time since being pregnant. Another video in December of 2021 showed her absolutely killing it at the gym and performing multiple pull-ups.

What's The Problem?

While many of Brittney's milestones in her fitness journey are worthy of praise, some viewers are questioning if she has taken weight loss too far. A weight loss journey is healthy when exercising and dieting are done with guidance from a personal trainer and are utilized to lead a more healthy lifestyle. However, exercise and dieting can be taken to extremes that can easily lead one to become underweight. Some viewers think that Brittney's weight loss journey has gone a bit too far and some even suggest she is fatphobic. On December 26, 2021, Brittney shared a before and after video of her wearing a colorful dress. The before and after were to show her weight loss, however, viewers were concerned as in the before video Brittney is nowhere near being overweight. In the before video she criticizes her dress and body for looking "lumpy." In the after video, we see her in the same dress, now hanging loosely over shoulders and frail frame. Commenters were quick to point out that she looked much more healthy in the before video and that she was not in any need of losing weight. Viewers also expressed how her video made them feel bad about themselves as Brittney called "lumpy" what many other women perceived as skinny and fit.

What Brittney Atwood Eats In A Day

A few days after the controversial "before and after" video, Brittney posted another Instagram video detailing what she eats in a day. Considering that she has worked with a nutritionist in the past, one might assume that her diet is fairly balanced and healthy. She provided a disclaimer that everyone's diet looks different, but this is what worked for her. She started the day with breakfast - 3 eggs and two pieces of bacon. Pretty normal breakfast, nothing wrong there. For lunch she has a bowl of beef with cheese and one avocado. Then... that's it. Viewers in the comments were quick to express confusion and concern that she doesn't appear to eat dinner. If her video was accurate and that is truly all she eats each day, there is certainly reason for concern. Her calories intake is likely below a meager 1,000 calories a day, which is concerning considering the amount of time she spends at the gym, training intensely, and expending energy.

Continuing To Lose Weight

Since these concerning videos, viewers have been quick to notice that Brittney is still continuing to lose weight. She has certainly lost all of the baby weight she put on and gained quite a bit of lean muscle. Yet, she continues to lose weight and her recent photos posted on social media have viewers thinking that she has lost too much weight. Viewers note how "tiny" she appears in her photos. A photo shared to Roman's Instagram story especially concerned fans with viewers stating she looked like an actual child and that her hips bones were protruding. Another Instagram story from Brittney depicted her having to use a "kids towel" due to being so small. Viewers also criticized the sheer amount of photos that Brittney takes in as little clothing as possible, while also utilizing tons of filters, as it seems to point to a fixation on her body and appearance.

Is Brittney Atwood Fatphobic?

Viewers have speculated on whether Brittney is fatphobic or if she may struggle with an eating disorder. Generally, it is not appropriate to speculate on someone's relationship with food or their perspective on body weight. However, Brittney has an exceedingly large platform and shared the videos above with her 2.7 million Instagram followers, many of whom are impressionable, vulnerable women. As a young woman, I found her "before and after" video particularly jarring, as she was criticizing herself when she was a very healthy and average weight. In fact, my body is very similar to her in the "before" video and I am a very healthy and fit person who doesn't have a weight problem. To see her criticize a body that is already thin and toned, in favor of a body that is so bony that her clothes nearly fall off of her, is very disappointing. Her videos make a person who is very fit and thin second guess their bodies, so what would they do to someone who does have a bit more natural weight? Brittney's videos definitely strive to show that thin, tiny, and bony is the only kind of beauty. Her videos show absolutely no appreciation for all body types and she strays far from talks of self-love and acceptance. Unfortunately, her views do seem to border on fatphobic due to her extreme lack of awareness for the body image struggles that prevail in society.

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Criticism of Brittney's views come from a place of genuine concern about her. The mom of three has lost weight so rapidly that it shows the intensity of her diet and exercise regimen. Her "What I Eat In A Day" video shows an extreme diet of less than 1,000 calories daily which is dangerous to combine with daily, intense visits to the gym that include weight training. The fact that she still seems to be actively attempting to lose more weight, when she has no visible body fat at all, shows how her current mindset could turn into an eating disorder. Due to the fact that she truly wasn't in any need of losing weight in the first place, her documentation of her journey needs to be more aware. It is acceptable to focus on getting healthy, fit, and feeling great about oneself. However, to be hyper-focused on being skinny and to openly criticize a body type that many, many woman have and do not need to change, is not acceptable. Brittney's posts sadly lack any body positivity, such as showing love for postpartum bodies, saying it's ok to join your family for dinner instead of always limiting your food intake, or showing that any body type can wear a dress and look beautiful. Brittney was beautiful both before and after her weight loss journey, but her glossing over of this fact strongly shows a preference for only one body type. Considering the number of women that regularly view her posts, Brittney should truly strive to make her discussion of body image and weight more sensitive and accepting.

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Jun 03, 2022

Great read. You should do a follow-up on this. She recently made comments on their new podcast talking about how she went from 165 having her baby to 97 lbs and was talking about it as if that was healthy/attainable. I haven’t weighed that much since middle school. Sounds like she has body dysmorphia as well as an eating disorder by the way you describe and this prolly hurts a lot of young women who look up to her. SMH

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