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Welcome To Plathville: Lydia Turns 18 and Isaac Gets His First Job

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

The latest season of Welcome to Plathville came to an end last November, with Olivia, Ethan, Moriah, and Micah setting out on their own separate paths. Viewers got to see Olivia's feud with Kim and Barry Plath come to a head in the season finale. They also saw the breakdown and make-up of Olivia and Ethan's marriage, Moriah branching out into her singing career, Lydia's graduation, and the continuation of Micah's modeling career. Since season 3 came to an end and season 4 is uncertain, viewers have had to keep up with the Plaths through social media updates. Fortunately, the two middle children, Lydia and Isaac, recently debuted their own Instagram accounts. Welcome to Plathville has always had a special focus on the three oldest Plath children, as they became adults and navigated life apart from their strict, religious upbringing. However, curiosity is certainly starting to arise about Lydia and Isaac, as they edge closer and closer to adulthood.

Who Are The Plaths?

Welcome to Plathville premiered in 2019 and follows the Plath family: parents, Barry and Kim, and their 9 flaxen-haired kids - Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy. The children were all raised in rural Georgia on a remote farm, where they were homeschooled by their parents and were prohibited from watching TV, owning phones, or accessing the internet or social media. The strict rules also extended to the children's' diets and they were not allowed to have sugary food or drinks, such as ice cream or soda. Alcohol was also strictly forbidden in the household and the girls were expected to dress conservatively. As the children got older, they began to push against Barry and Kim's strict rules and control. Oldest son, Ethan, and his wife, Olivia, have cut off all contact with Ethan's parents due to Barry and Kim not accepting Olivia and believing her to be a bad influence on Ethan and the other Plath children. Moriah and Micah also went through a tense period with their family, but since moving out they have made tentative amends with their parents.

Lydia Plath Is Now 18-Years Old

Viewers of Welcome to Plathville got to see Lydia graduate high school and start her first job. However, now she is officially an adult! On February 5, 2022 Lydia shared on her new Instagram account that she had turned 18. She thanked her friends for making her day special and shared several pics of her important day, as well. Lydia looked stunning in a dark blue tank top, jeans, and boots, combined with a large pendant necklace. She posed with friends and captured a pic of her swinging around a light pole, as well as a picture of her chocolate cake. Her followers were quick to wish her well on her birthday and to encourage her to spread her wings and fly now that she is 18.

Isaac Plath Got His First Job

Everyone knows that Isaac is all about airplanes, and that he dreams of being a pilot when he is older. He even hilariously got out of having "the talk" with his dad by claiming he was too busy thinking about the air force to think about girls. Considering he is still a minor and noticeably less rebellious than his other siblings, viewers were surprised to find Isaac had an Instagram account. He started his Instagram account around the same time that Lydia did, suggesting that Barry and Kim are switching around their social media rules. As of now, Isaac's Instagram account is, naturally, 90% pictures of airplanes and photos/videos of him in the cockpit. His parents took notice of his pilot dreams and signed him up for private flying lessons in Welcome to Plathville season 3. Now, he is taking further strides toward his dream and announced he has a new job working at an airport. It is unclear what exactly his position is, but it is clear he is working at an airport and is loving his new job.

What Path Will The Middle Plaths Take?

Lydia and Isaac's recent milestones are especially exciting as viewers ponder what path these two will take. Lydia is now officially an adult and Isaac is not far behind her. Turning 18 and getting one's first job are big steps towards being independent. As viewer's recall Ethan, Moriah, and Micah's tumultuous adult relationships with Barry and Kim, one can't help but wonder what Lydia and Isaac's relationship with their parents will look like in the future. Lydia is different in that she has always been the "obedient daughter" and is very much aligned with Kim and Barry's ideals and religion. Isaac, too, doesn't seem to hold many of the more rebellious characteristics that the older three Plath children did. However, while both show respect for their parents and their rules, both are also still very much in touch with Ethan, Micah, and Moriah. The two have managed to remain neutral in that they respect their parents and still support their older siblings at the same time. It remains to be seen if this will change at all as time goes on. Lydia's plans are still pretty unclear, but she is now 18 and has graduated high school. Viewers are hopeful that she will spread her wings and fly, perhaps, possibly explore the world with a music career similar to Moriah's. Isaac still has a few years before reaching adulthood, but he has already taken flight. Graduating high school with experience working in an airport and flying planes means that he can go pretty far from his parents if, or when, he chooses to do so.

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There's no question that the Plaths have had a very unconventional childhood. While living without TV, internet, or sugar isn't necessarily a bad thing, the Plaths were very much isolated during their childhood. It is the fact that they had few friends and little exposure to any views or ideas outside of their parent's teachings that is problematic. Growing up homeschooled, isolated, and separated from the rest of the world, makes becoming an adult and entering the real world a jarring and difficult experience. Fortunately, it seems that Ethan, Micah, and Moriah's push against the rules has led to their younger siblings potentially having an easier time growing up. The ability of Lydia and Isaac to utilize social media and to have jobs, is very much a sign that Kim and Barry are loosening the reigns just a bit. Lydia and Isaac are finding some independence, connection to the rest of world, and encouragement to pursue their dreams before becoming adults, which is much more than the older Plath children were permitted. Their growing up, however, does mean that eventually they'll have to address the feud that still exists between Ethan and Olivia and Kim and Barry. Not everything is forgiven and forgotten, and Lydia and Isaac might have to make some tough choices as they grow older due to the division of their family. As their adulthood gets closer one can't help but wonder if they will take the route that Kim and Barry want, go the rebel route of their older siblings, or forge a completely new path for themselves.

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