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Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath and Boyfriend Max Confirm Break-Up

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Max Kallschmidt and Moriah Plath, whose relationship was one of the focal points of Welcome to Plathville season 3, have officially broken up. Moriah and Max's whirlwind relationship began in Welcome to Plathville season 2, episode 2, when they went on their first date. They quickly began dating and then subsequently broke up for the first time. Max broke up with Moriah due to not being compatible and lack of communication. Despite their breakup, they continued to be "friends," but viewers and Moriah's family and friends were quick to see that the two still had feelings for each other. Their friendship became a relationship once more and things looked good between them throughout the duration of season 3. Aside from a few scuffles and confrontations, the two young lovebirds were a nice contrast to Ethan and Olivia's fraught relationships. However, it seems Moriah and Max's relationship is officially over.

Rumors About Max and Moriah's Relationship

Long before the two confirmed their break-up, rumors began to swirl on social media that they had broken up. At the end of Welcome to Plathville season 3, Moriah revealed that she was moving away to Tampa, FL, with Ethan and Olivia, while Max was staying back in Georgia due to work obligations for his business Anchor 23 Marketing. Thus, viewers naturally expected a decline in their social media posts together. However, the posts cut off quite drastically, with Moriah not posting anything with Max from October 2021 - January 2022. Max, as well, removed Moriah's name and heart from his Instagram bio and stopped posting about her in November of 2021. Fans quickly observed that Max was noticeably absent for big holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, which Moriah spent with her siblings. Both have now since deleted all their photos together off of Instagram.

Moriah's Song "Missed Myself"

A tentative, but not official, confirmation came with Moriah's single "Missed Myself," which she released on January 15, 2022. The single took the shape of a break-up song with Moriah singing about someone attempting to get the best of her and control who she was. However, she was able to break free from their chains and is now living her best life. Such lyrics read, "Like heavy chains pulling me / I let you get the best of me / But that won’t mean / You can control who I’ll be. I shut myself in my room / Try to stop thinking / Try to drown you out of my brain / Then I start dreaming. Here’s to reservations I made / With my new therapist / Moving on with my life / Now I’m just killing it." She admitted the song was written when she was sent away to live with relatives for a period of time. However, she revealed she chose to record it because she was currently dealing with something similar, which viewers took to mean her break-up with Max.

Max Officially Confirms Break-Up With Moriah

On February 11, 2022, Max officially put an end to the rumor by confirming in a YouTube video that him and Moriah had broken up. The video was nearly 20 minutes long and the majority of it was about his own journey and seeking to better himself. He revealed that the relationship began to unravel once Moriah moved to Tampa, FL. While he had intended to move with her, he was undergoing much stress with his job and was facing uncertainty about his relationship. This led him to stall in moving to Florida and resulted in him and Moriah growing further apart and developing much agitation and bad communication with each other. He revealed that a certain incident between him and Moriah quickly ended the relationship and flew him into a depressive state that led him to seek help. As a matter of fact, it was Kim Plath, Moriah's mother, who urged him to seek professional help and got him in touch with counselors and therapists. While the break-up, at first, was devastating and messy, the two ultimately came to terms with it and decided to remain just friends.

Did Max Cheat On Moriah?

The biggest question that arises from Max's video is whether he cheated on Moriah or not. The "incident" that he spoke of was a bit vague. He revealed that he had went out with a guy friend and that his friend had a crush on a certain girl. As a result, Max was his friend's "wingman" for the night. During the night, Max apparently met a woman and admitted he overstepped boundaries that him and Moriah had set. He said that "no one got naked" and "we didn't have sex," but that he felt guilt over what happened. When he told Moriah she instantly "erupted into tears" and broke up with him on the spot. There seem to be key details missing in the story to determine if this was an instance of cheating. How he went from being a wingman to having to explain he didn't have sex with someone is quite odd and indicates that there is likely more to the story than he left out. If he did cheat it would be especially hypocritical, considering he confronted Moriah once about her merely wearing revealing clothes around other men.

How They Took The Break-Up

Since Moriah hasn't spoken publicly about the break-up, it is difficult to decipher how she dealt with it. However, from her Instagram posts it seems Moriah's music helped her through the difficult time. Max did say that she requested 4 weeks of no contact with him to process everything. Max, meanwhile, was quite transparent and admitted that he was severely depressed. He had fully expected to marry Moriah and was devastated it all ended within a matter of minutes. Max admitted that he full out bawled most days and was stuck in the mindset that he had to get Moriah back. It wasn't until he started seeking help and willing extended their no-contact to six weeks, that he started to find peace. After the six weeks, they were able to meet in person and talked for "12 hours" about the situation and came out deciding that they were better off as friends. Max reiterated that both of them are working to better themselves and continuing to receive counseling and therapy.

Will Max And Moriah Get Back Together?

Max and Moriah have been broken up before and got back together, leaving some wondering if they'll give their relationship a third try. Based on what Max revealed and the emotional toll that the break-up had on them, it is difficult to say if they would take the risk of trying again. At the same time, he was open that their friendship is "very hard" because they still care about each other and have so many memories together. Since these feelings do still exist and as they progress in their journey towards finding themselves, it is possible they could get back together somewhere down the line. However, it would likely be better if they didn't. Both of them are far too young to have been so serious and so fixated on marriage. They learned the hard way what happens when you lose yourself in a relationship. For now, they should take the valuable lessons they learned through their relationship and continue moving on with their lives.

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