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Welcome to Plathville: Plath Family Says Olivia’s Accusation of Kim Stealing From Ethan Is a Lie

Welcome to Plathville wrapped up season 4 with its season finale on August 2nd, 2022. Despite tensions flaring up with Moriah and Micah confronting Olivia about her refusal to make amends with Kim, things ended on a hopeful note. The entire family, for the first time since Ethan and Olivia went no-contact with parents, Kim and Barry, gathered together and went swimming and tubing. However, viewers were absolutely shocked when Olivia dropped one of her most serious accusations against Kim yet.

Olivia accuses Kim of credit card fraud

A producer sat down with Olivia to ask what really happened between her and Kim and why Olivia can't face her. According to Olivia, her and Kim had a great mother-daughter relationship to begin with. She grew to deeply trust her and loved that Kim gave her attention and made her feel important. Things soured, though, when Olivia tried to prevent Kim from controlling Ethan. Olivia then stated that she can never forget being married to Ethan, a 20-year-old man, whose mom was using his credit card. Allegedly, Kim would use his credit card to buy things for herself and wouldn't pay Ethan back.

When Olivia questioned Ethan about it, he said he didn't have the passwords, or pin codes, associated with the card necessary to stop Kim. Olivia described it as a 'what the f***' moment and then helped Ethan change the password to his credit card. Kim and Olivia then met and Kim asked Olivia to give her the password, to which Olivia refused and said that it was Ethan's password. Kim immediately then blew up and slammed the door on Olivia after not getting what she wanted and their relationship instantly turned south.

Of course, fans were outraged and shocked at this accusation. While Kim has never been the model mother and has certainly made mistakes, Olivia is literally accusing her of credit card fraud. She was allegedly stealing funds from Ethan and using his card when unauthorized to do so. A mother stealing her 20-year-old son's hard earned money and changing his password on him is abhorrent.

Plath family says that's not the whole story

On August 5, 2022, the Plath Family took to social media, releasing a statement that strongly contrasted what Olivia said. The statement was shared on Instagram by Micah, Moriah, Lydia, and Isaac, and signed by the Plath Family. The statement said that they are not going to be divided as a family anymore and that there is a lot more to their story than what is seen on TV. As a result, they're not going to sit back and watch their family be "driven apart."

The biggest thing they wanted to clear up was what Olivia said about their mom using Ethan's credit card. According to their statement, Kim using Ethan's personal credit card unauthorized was not the case at all. Instead, Kim and Ethan had a business agreement that earned Ethan a fair amount of money. Hence, both parties used the credit card with the earnings and knew and approved of each other transactions. The family expressed disappointment that Kim wasn't allowed to share her side of the story or defend herself.

The statement went on to explain that some of the kids are rebels, but that all are unconditionally loved by their family. They also pointed out that everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. However, the hatred and outrage from viewers does have a significant effect on the young and vulnerable children in the family. The statement ended in pleading with viewers to have compassion and to not believe that everything they see on TV is real.

Did Olivia lie about Kim stealing from Ethan?

While the majority of the Plath family shared the statement, Ethan and Olivia did not. However, if Olivia really did make that big of an accusation against Kim that wasn't true, it certainly doesn't reflect well on her. Not only that, but it also raises the question as to what really happened. Olivia also went into detail about how she changed the credit card password to, basically, lock Kim out of the account. Is that just another exaggeration, or did Olivia actually lock Kim, an authorized user, out of funds both her and her son made from a business agreement? Of course, there's a small chance the family is simply trying to calm the backlash against Kim. Yet, it seems unlikely that her entire family would actually defend her for stealing her son's money.

It must also be noted that Olivia was the only one who shared that story. Ethan made no mention whatsoever of anything like that having happened. Also significant, is that Olivia brought up this accusation when Micah, Moriah, and even Ethan, began to express irritation at her obsession with Kim and stated they didn't understand what she had against her. Hence, the story could've been a desperate attempt at Olivia to save face when finally being confronted by the fact that her actions towards Kim were unfounded and unnecessary.

Also, the family has rarely spoken out about how they are represented on TV, making the fact that they all came together and were united in sharing the statement, a hint that this is pretty serious. Not to mention, the entire last three episode of season 4 of Welcome to Plathville were about everyone in the family making an effort to stop being divided. The fact that Olivia would attempt to destroy this peace and coming together by throwing another shot at Kim with a fictious story is simply despicable. Still, it seems the Plath's focus is more on clearing Kim's name than focusing on Olivia's lies. They merely want some understanding and forgiveness, and to show that they are not all exactly whom they are depicted as being on TV.

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