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What Happened to OKBaby? OKBaby YouTube Channel's Ending and Cheating Scandal Explained

Pic credit: OKBaby/YouTube

Oscar Morales and Kyra Sivertson made up the YouTube vlogging channel OKBaby. However, after over 7 years of vlogging, Oscar and Kyra announced the channel was ending. While the news was announced on July 31, 2022, many viewers are still trying to put the pieces together about what exactly happened to this family of six.

For those unfamiliar with Oscar and Kyra, they were high school sweethearts who started their channel in 2015 when they were both 18 and Kyra was pregnant with their firstborn, Levi. They provided an intimate look into teen pregnancy and quickly garnered a following as they shared their struggles with finding financial stability and building a life together out of high school. Many found their channel to be more refreshing than scripted teen pregnancy reality shows and, within a year, they had enough views and subscribers to make YouTube their sole income. They documented the birth of Levi, as well as that of his three sisters - Alaya, Aura, and Avery.

Then, in a now-deleted video posted to the OKBaby channel in early January, Oscar and Kyra sat down to announce to viewers that they had broken up. The video has been described as "cringy" by viewers and even resulted in some therapists reacting to it because it was so unusual. Here's what to know about OKBaby's channel ending, the cheating scandal, and what Oscar and Kyra are up to today.

What happened to OKBaby?

As said above, OKBaby announced their break up on January 7, 2022. Psychology of Seattle, a verified therapist on YouTube, posted an hour-long video reacting to the full breakup video, despite OKBaby eventually deleting it. In the video, the pair admitted to having tried to film the video multiple times but that it was too "rough." Mainly, Oscar was too upset and had to get to a point where he was okay with the situation to film. He also made it clear that Kyra broke up with him. Kyra then insisted that Oscar confirm that there was "no cheating." Oscar reluctantly admitted that there wasn't cheating, but that "feelings were hurt" and "it wasn't full-blown cheating," but she did things that "bothered him."

Additionally, Oscar mentioned that, for him, things didn't start going downhill until November 2021, whereas Kyra revealed that, for her, things had been off between them for at least a year. The pair continued bickering back and forth, though, the therapist noted that Kyra interrupted Oscar frequently. The main point of interest was the ending when Kyra mentioned that she had "comforted" another guy and it's unclear if this was emotional or physical comforting. Kyra then mentioned how Oscar had comforted Hannah at one point. Hannah was Kyra's ex-nanny and alleged best friend who was married to a man named Preston at the time.

Initially, Kyra and Oscar claimed that they were still going to be living together and filming together, despite breaking up. Oscar and Kyra even shared their new sleeping arrangements, but there was evidence that things weren't well, as Oscar uploaded videos that admitted to stress keeping him awake and both admitted to finding it hard to live separate lives while living together. It didn't take long for Kyra to reveal that she had found an apartment and was moving out. After struggling with finances, Oscar eventually sold the house and moved to the same area as Kyra. However, enough had changed that it was time for them to give up OKBaby. On July 31, 2022, the couple sat down to announce that OKBaby was ending so that they could lead separate and healthier lives. Both still boasted their channels (Oscar Morales and Kyra Renee), though, and have continued to vlog their separate lives with the kids.

OKBaby cheating scandal explained

From the moment OKBaby uploaded their breakup video, many suspected that infidelity was involved. Many particularly focused on the brief mention of Oscar comforting Hannah and also assumed that the unnamed man Kyra was comforting, was Hannah's husband, Preston. Hannah, at one point, had babysat and nannied for Kyra's kids before the two became best friends and started a podcast together called Beneath the Sheets. Both were engaged at the time, with Hannah and Preston's marriage slated for early 2022 and Oscar and Kyra being engaged since December 2018. Preston and Hannah were also high school sweethearts, and the couples' similarities seemed to play into their friendship.

By May 2022, Preston and Hannah had also broken up, and viewers became suspicious when Kyra and Hannah oddly didn't seem to comfort each other or bond over their mutual breakups. Their connection as "best friends" seemed to falter. Soon, viewers' suspicions were seemingly confirmed when a photo of Kyra and Preston cozying up together in Las Vegas, NV, was shared on Reddit and subsequently picked up by The Dad Challenge Podcast (DCP).

The DCP later posted a video that claimed to have text messages from a woman who was contacted by Preston and Kyra in Las Vegas for a threesome. Apparently, the couple confirmed at the time that they had been together for eight months, which meant their relationship would've started months before Kyra and Oscar broke up. In the months that followed, viewers began picking apart each of Kyra's and Oscar's videos, with many finding evidence that Kyra was dating Preston and they were living together. For months and months, Kyra ignored the questions before finally confirming on December 6 on Instagram that she and Preston were together. She claimed that she and Preston had been dating since March 2022, she did not cheat on Oscar, and Preston did not leave Hannah for her, but she and Hannah were no longer friends.

Pic credit: @kyrarsivertson/Instagram

Pic credit: @kyrarsivertson/Instagram

Where are Oscar and Kyra now?

Oscar and Kyra have continued living their separate lives. Both have continued vlogging separately, although Kyra boasts considerably more followers and posts more frequently than Oscar. However, Oscar is pursuing a career outside of YouTube and has taken classes to earn a real estate license. Meanwhile, he and Kyra have continued co-parenting as amiably as possible. For a while, they have kept up an arrangement of switching off kids every week—one week is Oscar's, and the next is Kyra's.

There have been some exceptions, such as when Kyra underwent a breast augmentation procedure or when Oscar arranged for Kyra to have the kids more for several weeks while he adapts to his new job. However, many have been concerned by the lack of lawyers and official child custody arrangements. Some fear the situation could easily turn bad if one parent begins seeking full custody of the children or child support.

Of course, many viewers have conflicted feelings about the pair. Many are suspicious of the timeline Kyra presented regarding her and Preston's relationship. Additionally, even if she didn't cheat on Oscar or Preston didn't cheat on Hannah, that still doesn't change the fact that she began dating her best friend's ex-husband within weeks of him leaving her. Best friends just don't do that. Meanwhile, some have scrutinized Oscar and accused him of being abusive to Kyra in their relationship. There is no evidence that one or the other was abusive, but several of their explosive fights were caught on camera or leaked on the internet, and the general consensus was they were both toxic to each other.

While that doesn't excuse infidelity, the truth is, no one but Kyra and Oscar knows for sure what happened between them. Also, it doesn't quite matter what went down between them, as long as their children are safe and are being provided a loving environment between Kyra and Oscar.

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