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Who Is Dr. Charles Procter? Weight Loss Doctor From TLC's1000-Lb Sisters and1000-Lb Best Friends

Updated: Jul 30

Dr. Charles Procter Jr. is becoming quite the familiar face on TLC. The bariatric surgeon hails from Atlanta, GA, and boasts over a decade of experience in bariatric weight loss surgery. Viewers on TLC got to see Dr. Procter most recently as he met with Vanessa Cross and Meghan Crumpler, the stars of TLC's new series 1000-Lb Best Friends. He has previously been seen on TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters, My 3000-Lb Family, and Too Large. Dr. Procter has become a fan favorite for his dedication to helping his patients and, as Crumpler voiced, for his "dimples and his smile." Dr. Procter has risen quickly in prominence on the TLC channel, but just who is this helpful, charming, and handsome Doctor?

Dr. Charles Procter Jr.'s Career

As revealed by Betline Health's website, Dr. Procter's father was a bariatric surgeon, hence, one might think that his career choice was pretty straightforward. However, Dr. Procter actually originally opted to study pre-law at Miama University of Ohio, due to being uninterested in surgery and concerned by his father's long hours. Despite these early misgivings, a passion for medicine continued to grow in him and he decided to redo college by enrolling in a pre-medical program at the University of Georgia in 1995. His subsequently was enrolled in and graduated from Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine and completed his residency at Greenville Hospital System. While he originally had his heart set on being a trauma surgeon, his father persuaded him into the bariatric field. Dr. Procter turned out to be a true pioneer in the field, becoming the first surgeon in Georgia to perform a robotic-assisted cholecystectomy. Later, he would become the first surgeon in Georgia to perform fully robotic bariatric procedures. In 2016, he founded Betline Health, the Weight Loss Solutions company seen servicing many of TLC's stars.

Who Is Dr. Charles Procter's Family?

While Dr. Procter is known for his illustrious career in bariatric surgery, work is certainly not his whole life. Dr. Procter is married to Nirali Procter and they have three sons: Dillon, Kiran, and Kamran. Despite largely keeping quiet about his personal life on various TLC shows, Dr. Procter frequently shows off his gorgeous family on social media through his Instagram account @charlesproctermd. Pictures show him and his wife celebrating New Years Eve or posing in Atlanta, GA, with the caption, "The reason I'm always smiling." Other photos show him enjoying quality time with his boys and taking them golfing or to football games. Last year, Dillon became their first son to graduate high school and now attends University of Georgia, like his father.

How Has Dr. Charles Procter's Career Affected His Life?

While Dr. Procter has arguably become one of the most famous bariatric surgeons of his time, his fame hasn't really had a big impact on his life. To his children, he is still just "dad" and he admitted on Family By The Ton that his kids hadn't watched most of his appearances, despite him recording the episodes. Meanwhile, his appearance on TLC is very different from the appearances of various reality stars. For him, he simply continues to go to work as usual everyday, just with the added pleasure of being able to share what he does with the rest of the world.

Is Dr. Charles Procter Replacing Dr. Now?

Dr. Procter's quick rise to fame and his youthfulness, have led many fans to wonder if he is the replacement for Dr. Now. Dr. Now, whose full name is Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, has appeared on My 600-Lb Life since 2012 and has helped numerous morbidly obese patients to lose weight through his specialization in vascular and bariatric surgery. The Iranian-born American Doctor, is still practicing and is currently 77-years old. As for if Dr. Procter is replacing Dr. Now - the answer is not quite. First of all, Dr. Now and Dr. Procter practice in different states, with Dr. Now practicing in Texas and Dr. Procter in Georgia. With Dr. Now still practicing, it is not as if Dr. Procter is taking his place. However, if by "replacement" fans are referring to Dr. Procter surpassing Dr. Now in fame and as the face of TLC bariatric surgery, than he very well might have replaced Dr. Now.

What Makes Dr. Charles Procter So Appealing?

Crumpler in 1000-Lb Best Friends was, perhaps, one of the first to put so bluntly into words what all of us have been thinking - that Dr. Procter is enormously handsome and charming. However, in addition to his youthful looks and energy, his career in bariatric surgery is nothing short of outstanding. What really makes him stand out, though, is the fact that he truly cares about his patients. While he often times comes across as blunt and intense, he tells his patients what they need to hear. When 1000-Lb Sister's star, Tammy Slaton, continually failed to meet his requirements, he dropped her as a patient. In doing so, he gave Tammy a wake up call and put her into contact with a different bariatric surgeon who may have saved her life after she spiraled into drinking and partying. Dr. Procter's top priority is his patients and helping them, no matter what form of help that specific patient requires. In a rare honest post, he pictured himself worn out and drained after a long day. He admitted to struggling with wondering if it's all "worth it," but then reminded himself that his career was never about him, it was always about his patients. Dr. Procter has changed and transformed so many lives by giving his patients a second chance to live lives that are healthy and fulfilling. As 1000-Lb Best Friends' very first season continues, we hope to see much more of Dr. Procter and to see how he helps the four best friends in their weight loss journey.

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